General Services

Core Medical Services

Core Medical Services

Our GPs can treat almost all of your physical and mental health conditions that traditional NHS GPs can with the luxury of time.

Our NHS trained GP’s will be able to send any prescriptions to pharmacy of our clients choice for same day collection, as well as email any referral letters or medical exemption certificates upon request.

Film and Entertainment Services

Mydoc has been honoured over the last few years as we have been a trusted medical service provider to the ”stars” including A list Oscar Nominee Actors.  We continue to liase with production companies to provide excellent medical care one to one with a VIP experience from start to the end.

Hospitality and Corporate Medical Services

Hospitality and Corporate Medical Services

Mydoc offers the UK a unique personal on call visiting doctor service upon request to the hospitality sector and corporate sector.   Mydoc can arrange an appointment to be made on the same day or at a time and date of the clients preference.  We have access to 24 hour pharmacies which can dispense medication.

Travel Services

At Mydoc we offer a unique travel package of ”travel first aid” which allows all our clients to feel confident that they are fully prepared for any unexpected surprises ranging from coughs and colds to minor injuries.  

We have all been stuck abroad in an unfortunate event, unable to find immediate local medical help or local pharmacies, and the Covid pandemic has made us more aware of the importance of travel preparation, thats why Mydoc want to help ease this anxiety and have provided a range of travel packages for you and your family.
Travel Services

Priority Packages


This packages entitles our members to 

  1. Priority access to free video online consultations
  2. Up to 20 minute consultations
  3. Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 3pm
  4. Cancellation period non applicable
  5. Home Visit upon request at 50% discounted rate Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm

Clinical Pharmacist Services


Clinical Pharmacist Services

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