How we can help you

Mydoc allows you to request a prescription online for certain medications using the online questionnaire see attached link for a list of medications we can offer without a GP consultation. If you would like to discuss any medical problem please book online and one of our highly trained GPs will be available instantly at a time and place that is convenient for you.

At the end of the consultation or if appropriate the online questionnaire has been completed and reviewed by one of our pharmacists or doctors, Mydoc will send the prescription o the pharmacy of your choice.

Collect the medication from your nominated pharmacy – please note prices vary with each different pharmacy and do remember to take a valid form of ID when you go to collect your medication.

Alternatively Mydoc has linked up with pharmacy 2 U and pharmacy online who can distribute these medications and deliver to you own home. (TBC)

Seeing a specialist couldn’t be more simplified with Mydoc. While your own NHS GP referral may take weeks, at Mydoc we offer 2 approaches both quick and easy to use with a referral letter sent to you within minutes.

Referral at the click of a button. Head to the MyConsult. Complete this proforma and a referral letter will be instantly emailed or sent to you same day, or alternatively

Book online to speak to one of our GPs face to face online about your concerns and requests for a referral letter to ensure that the referral that you want is the safest and most appropriate pathway for your problem. Once the consultation has finished our GPs can instantly email or post you referral letter

Our sick notes will include the following information which is like the NHS fit to work certificate

  • The reason for the absence with a date and duration agreed by the doctor and you.
  • Our doctors recommendation for how to and when you’ll be able to return to work or education
  • Recommendation for amended duties (e.g no heavy lifting or reduced hours)
  • Recommendation on workplace adaptations that could help with your return to work
  • Face to Face advice about managing your medical issue in the workplace

Its simple quick and efficient – book online now to discuss with our NHS trained GPs who can then issue the fit note within minutes and get it sent via email or post on the same day.

How we can help you
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